5th Typophile Film Festival — September 15th 2009

The Typophile Film Fest 5 is a one hour selection of typographic films from all over the world. It is a collection of motion design, typographic animation, short stories, documentaries and interviews. The trailer for this festival is just another example of inspiring exposure to typography.

Helveticons — September 2nd 2009

Spreading films and pictures of great graphic design or typography is just one intention of FONTBEAUTY.COM. I'm trying to provide useful links that might make designers lifes a little bit easier. Helveticons is such a helpful website. You can purchase a huge set of icons and there is also a free folder icon download.

Doing things differently … — August 23th 2009

Some brands somehow manage to transform the rather annoying nature of advertisment to something surprising, fascinating and entertaining. Absolut Wodka mastered this discipline in print as well as TV ads. This ad is just another proof. It's apparently a bit Sagmeister inspired but nevertheless really a pleasure to watch.

typografica.org — August 1st 2009

Yes, you are right. There are a lot of websites dealing with design and typography topics. But some of them are really worth to be mentioned. Typographica.org is one of those. It features a review of types from foundries all over the world and offers additional information about the typedesigners.

Bikes 'n' types — July 15th 2009

So you thought fonts don't have hobbies? Of course they do. After a hard day of being read, even type needs a time off. Look at these little fellows. They spend their spare time cruising through city on cool bikes. Can't believe it? Watch the video.

fontfabric.com — June 28th 2009

fontfabric.com is the website of a small but very interesting type foundry located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The foundry doesn't just sell fonts, but offers also some great free fonts and posts a tutorial category which is hopefully growing as there is just one entry by now.

1+1=3 — June 7th 2009

Have you ever been bored on a rainy saturday afternoon? Maybe tidying up you flat might be the right pastime. No, I'm really serious. The result can be amazing. If you don't believe me watch the video.

Type Wars — June 1st 2009

Watch half of this video and then tell me what product or service might be promoted? I'm not sure if this typographical interpretation of "Saving Private Ryan" works as advertising, but it surely is a great work of typography animation.

typefacts.com — May 29th 2009

Typefacts is a great website about the basics of typography. It's not just plain information but offers interactive applications that help to understand some of the terms designers have to deal with every day. So have a look at www.typefacts.com (website is in German).

Helvetica vs. Arial — May 24th 2009

There is no doubt that Helvetica and Arial will never be friends. One is a timeless swiss beauty, the other a font that most designers consider as nothing but a cheap copy. If you ever dreamt of beating up Arial here is your chance. So llllllet's get ready to rumble …
PS: First get to know your opponent and find out how to spot arial.